Life IS Beautiful: Here’s to New Beginnings

Life IS Beautiful – my newest book – is a brilliant manual that invites you to journal your deepest desires in mindful ways.

If you like digging deeper into the meaning of existence, learn more about your time on Earth, and are inspired by spirituality, then you’ll love these effective teachings.

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The Overly Emotional Child – Documentary

The documentary The Overly Emotional Child by Learning Success is out!!!

I’m beyond excited to be a part in it—talking about the spiritual and energetic sense of real-life parenting emotions. And that it’s never the child!

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Diffusing The Tension on Life IS Beautiful!

Thank you so much Diffusing the Tension for reading and reviewing my new book Life IS Beautiful! I appreciate you!

Admittedly, I’m naturally pessimistic. Constant joyful optimistic can grate on me, because it makes me wonder- what’s the catch?For that reason, I should not enjoy Jacqueline Pirtle’s self help books. She’s everything I’m not (in my own biased by depression perspective). But damn it, I really really do.

We’re on an incredible journey! I love how she talks about the journey we’re on! “Your physical body – your host to make this wild ride of a life possible – is a masterpiece living the energetically guided masterplan, by serving the physical journey that is put in motion by your energetic essence.” (JP, Life IS Beautiful)

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Stephs Cheers and Jeers

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Insightful Inspirations Reviewed What it Means to BE a Woman

I also loved it when she says “…women are not here in this physical life to impress or bless anyone besides themselves…” while addressing the stigmas and expectations often put upon women. This is also where gos on to talk about the poop in her title.

What is True Happiness–11 Experts Explain

True happiness is when you care about how you feel and make feeling good a priority. 

By connecting to your inner you – that is always wanting you to be happy and guiding you to your happiness – you don’t base your happiness on anything else but yourself, you claim responsibility for your own happiness, and you step into being in charge of how you feel and how you want to feel. 

This erases the exhausting job of changing anything outside of you and sets you free to be and live happily anywhere at any time. 

It’s something that we all are longing to experience and quite frankly, came here to enjoy.

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