Emma Newlyn Yoga – Bookreview!

Thanks Emma Newlyn Yoga for taking the time to read and review my newest book!

…If you’re anything like me, you may be a little resistant to a book that’s supposed to tell you ‘how to be a woman’, but in all honesty – couldn’t we all use guidance sometimes? In a world where we tend to primarily see the skinny, shiny, perfect and pouting versions of women, it’s refreshing to read a book that focuses on what’s actually happening on the inside, in the mind, soul and spirit of women.

….Jacqueline’s enthusiasm and excitement virtually jumps out of every page – so much so that I feel like I can actually hear her voice echoing; “We – women, men and everything in between – need to get out of our forgetful fog and into our remembering ways to recall who we really ARE and how everything really IS. We need to rewind back to the basics and the beginning where energy is all there is – equality is all there is!”…full of ways to work with it in order to feel empowered.

…If you’re not a woman, this is actually a really insightful book that shows just how much stress, pressure and trauma most women experience…

…take great inspiration from living life as a woman authentically and without fear.

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Grace Working Towards Amazing

Thanks Grace Woods at Towardsamazing.com for writing about listening to the podcast episode of Mindfulness Mode with Bruce Langford “Find Peace With 365 Days of Happiness; Jacqueline Pirtle” and how it gave you a boost to be happier and happier––all the way to happy.

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I Am Not Heard!

“I am not heard!”
There are many ways to deal with that situation, but to be honest, the most powerful and long-lasting way is to align, align, and align.
But either way know that, “I do indeed hear you loud and clear!”
And to all the “I can’t hear you…” people—you have physical ears, open them up, because even the tiniest voices are here to be heard.