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…I will admit that I was kind of skeptical going in as it seemed like the more I read, the more her ideology was in contrast to how I was raised and what I feel is the right way of parenting- that I am the parent and my kids are kids and must listen and follow my lead. Pirtle argues that children and their parents are equals in this life of parenting and there are times that one is the student and one is the teacher and vice-versa. It is a harmonious dance in which the child and parent are equal participants. 

…Pirtle offers 3 pillars of beliefs that summarize her parenting advice–The Harmonious Dance, It is Never the Child, and The Love Cycle of Parenthood. The pillars offer joyful, energized ways to be a better parent and a better participant in whatever level of parenthood you are in (including before you conceive, when your child is a baby, young child, teenager and adult). They remind you to enjoy the role of being a parent to your greatest blessings. 

…I personally needed that particular reminder and I picked up several tidbits that I believe will help me in my parenting journey with the kiddos. Ideologies that will hopefully help bring back my joy as a mom and allow me to have a better relationship with my children. 

Mama Home Life Has Something To Say About Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops!

…It’s not often I get time to sit down and read nowadays. Making time to sit and read Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops by Jacqueline Pirtle has been pretty life-changing – you might think that’s a bit of a bold statement but it really has been!

…When I began reading Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops by Jacqueline Pirtle, I was mildly sceptical about how this book would be. I assumed it was a “perfect parenting” “you must do this to have happy children” type of books – boy was I wrong.

…I feel that reading Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops has truly helped me to become the best parent I can be. It’s made me realise how my own childhood had blurred the way I was parenting my own children too. By following the three pillars outlined in the book, you will be taken on a different and probably more enjoyable journey through parenting from day one – although you can totally pick up this book at any point of your parenting journey too as it covers all stages of a child’s life.
Thanks Mama Home Life for your honest insight!

For her full review check out the link below 🙂

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So Long Stress! We Were Never Meant to BE Anyways

Do you ever feel you have to shift yourself into a certain way of being or behaving in order to do something? For instance, you need to become still in order to meditate. You need absolute quiet to write or read something. Or you need a certain mindset to be able to do your work or talk to someone?

Do you also feel exhausted, stressed, or even nervous, because of this shift needing to take place? You might even ask yourself, “What if this shift is not happening, then what?

Relax! The only shift you will ever need, is your shift to BE and live in your heart.

Because when you ARE in your heart, you are automatically aligned with who you really are and with what is right and fitting for you. There, your connection to your teammates (your body, mind, soul, and consciousness) is strong and clear. Your wisdom can flow, and the support of the universe can reach you. You can simply be and do everything as your natural limitless you. No exhaustion, no stress, and no nervousness.

Plus! Don’t forget you are never doing anything alone. Ever! You are always co-creating with your body, mind, soul, consciousness, and the universe. So, lean on them.

The easiest way to arrive in your heart is to take a few minutes, close your eyes, and focus on – and feel – your beautiful breathing. Or practice anything that touches your heart with an “aww…” feeling; listening to beautiful music, touching a furry friend, hugging or kissing a loved one, smelling a flower, or indulging into a delicious treat. 

Once there, you will naturally be in the perfect energy and behavior you need—to do anything.

Just think about it:

BE and live in your heart! It’s the perfect place.

  • You can meditate from your heart while walking without even needing to be still.  
  • You can write from your heart without even thinking.
  • You can work from your heart without being exhausted and nervous.
  • You can talk to others from your heart with staying true to yourself.

That IS happiness!

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