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…Recently I had the privilege of reading a fantastic book called Parenting Through The Eyes of Lollipops.

…When I first read the synopsis I was a little leery because it seemed so different to how we parent. With having 2 adopted children and 2 bio children that are all so different I wondered if I would be able to utilize the information that was going to be presented.

…I loved how the book helps you to shift the focus from being in charge to the realization that you and your child need to work together to ensure a healthy and happy family.

…The Harmonious Dance: Reading this made me think about that parenting is like a dance. In the book it shows how this Harmonious Dance is a entwined dance between physical and spiritual.

…It’s Never The Child: One sentence that stood out to me in this area is ”Having to make mom and dad feel good is a heavy weight to carry.” This section also helps you look at reasons why a child may misbehaves and realize its not just because they want it there are underlying causes.

…The Love Cycle of Parenthood: With having 2 teenagers and a preteen this pillar really hit home to me This section helps you explore each age and phase of raising your child. It speaks on important growth aspect of love and nourishing yourself and your child.

…I feel the book is an excellent resource to any parent. Even if your parenting style is not the same there are so many ideas that there is something that can be beneficial to anyone.

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