How Extremely Busy Executives Make Time To Be Great Parents, With Author Jacqueline Pirtle & Dr. Ely Weinschneider

Spending time with your children is never about how much, how long, and how many times that is — instead it is only about how you and your children feel and connect on a soul level when you are together, or when you are not together. You don’t even have to physically be with them — even though that is what the experience of physical life is all about — to sink up and connect with them because we are all energetic beings and connected as one at all times.

For me personally it is very important that when they text, call, or ping me, I drop everything and I AM present with them — physically if possible, energetically for sure.

My children are a bit older now, so our hanging-out time is a lot over the phone, face-time, and of course when everyone is home through fun talks in the kitchen. We hang out as friends now — enjoying the creative ways that everyone is bringing into the equation.

When they were younger we played a lot, read plenty of books, loved the outdoors, and always made a point to find the next fun thing to do and to be happy. It was important for me to follow their lead and let myself carry with what they had in mind — which turned out to be amazing eye openers, at least most of the time.

I say, if spontaneous moments present themselves, give up the control and the urge to lead, and go play WITH your children — be a child again too. That creates great memories. Read the full interview here:

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Book Review: First Came Happiness, Then Comes Lollipops! Jacqueline Pirtle’s New Book Offers Up, Parenting Skills Using A Tasty Treat!

…Jacqueline is ALL about us feeling, sensing, smelling and tasting the things around us, whether they be objects such as a lollipop or breathing in the glorious air. Everything has an energy attached to it; we just have to open our arms, minds, and hearts to be aware of it.

…“Lollipops have this incredible power to shift us to BE and live in a frequency of magic – because that is the energy they carry and the frequency they vibrate in.” ~ Jacqueline Pirtle, Author – Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

…Even if you don’t have teenagers and you have little ones who are a year old, just starting school or even if they’re adults. Jacqueline has a chapter for it – even if you don’t have a child yet. 

…I found Jacqueline’s book quite interesting as it’s not a book filled with “me” time locations and ideas for parents, whom are at their wits ends with their kids. However, it’s a book about parents actually listening and feeling the energy of their own child and giving them a space to be anxious and creative, while giving them a voice to be heard. This, in turn, takes the anxiety off of the parent and allows the children to just “BE” themselves.

“Let your children know, whether born or unborn that they too are wonderful and magnificent just as they are. Let them know that they are here in this life to “BE” themselves – nothing else.” Jacqueline Pirtle, Author – Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

Let is all go like old dirt blows off a car when driven forward with speed. Leave a BIG BLACK TIRE MARK that says ENOUGHHHH!!! Let it ALLLLL GOOOOOOOO!!!

…Jacqueline’s book “Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops” is another sweet, satisfying and soulful read by the author who challenges us all to think, feel, taste and smell the world around us. Whether you’re thinking about having kids or already raising some of your own, Jacqueline’s imagery of it all is well worth the read. 

…I didn’t even touch all the greatness this book has to offer especially the chapters “Tweenhood & Teen hood” I couldn’t wait to get to this chapter…lol, “Feeling Good as My Highest Priority” & “Food Stories.”

For her full review click the link! 

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