How Extremely Busy Executives Make Time To Be Great Parents, With Author Jacqueline Pirtle & Dr. Ely Weinschneider

Spending time with your children is never about how much, how long, and how many times that is — instead it is only about how you and your children feel and connect on a soul level when you are together, or when you are not together. You don’t even have to physically be with them — even though that is what the experience of physical life is all about — to sink up and connect with them because we are all energetic beings and connected as one at all times.

For me personally it is very important that when they text, call, or ping me, I drop everything and I AM present with them — physically if possible, energetically for sure.

My children are a bit older now, so our hanging-out time is a lot over the phone, face-time, and of course when everyone is home through fun talks in the kitchen. We hang out as friends now — enjoying the creative ways that everyone is bringing into the equation.

When they were younger we played a lot, read plenty of books, loved the outdoors, and always made a point to find the next fun thing to do and to be happy. It was important for me to follow their lead and let myself carry with what they had in mind — which turned out to be amazing eye openers, at least most of the time.

I say, if spontaneous moments present themselves, give up the control and the urge to lead, and go play WITH your children — be a child again too. That creates great memories. Read the full interview here:

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