Best of 2019 – Gifts With Energy

Looking for a gift with energy?

I am super excited that both my books 365 Days of Happiness and Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops made it on this wonderful list of Best of 2019!

Freaky Healer Books: Author Jacqueline Pirtle really knows how to put a smile on your face! Check out her Best Selling 365 Days of Happiness book – a step-by-step guide! And her latest – Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops – focused on enjoying parenthood more!

Thanks ThatsJustJeni

Interview With IdeaMensch

I was invited to be part of IdeaMensch’s interview series––thanks so much for having me.

We talk about entrepreneurship, ideas, trends, productivity, strategies, and of course wine…

How do you bring ideas to life?
By getting out of my own “physical, mind, and what’s possible” way and by letting my soul passion flow freely and openly––no matter how crazy the ideas are. My ideas always come to life that way.

Read the full interview by clicking on the link. Enjoy!

A Book Review By The Other Mom: Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops by Jacqueline Pirtle

“Make well-feeling a priority for you because it spreads to your children, filling every single cell of their whole being – body, mind, soul, consciousness – with goodness, and it returns that high-for-life energy to you like a boomerang.”

Jacqueline Pirtle’s Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops, is a beautiful book filled with wisdom and heartfelt understanding. It’s an inspiring and insightful new way to examine your relationship with your child and yourself, encouraging you to take more enjoyment from the everyday.

Pirtle’s three pillars of parenthood, The Harmonious Dance, It Is Never the Child, and The Love Cycle of Parenting ensure that your parent-child relationship is successful by laying a strong foundation built on love and recognition of each person’s individual spirit.

Pirtle begins the journey with pregnancy and encourages a new mom to see herself as a ” host for a precious soul.” Her spiritual perspective is a refreshing departure from the ordinary. She continues with this theme well into childhood, engaging the energy of the universe as the force in your relationship.

Once the child is born, there is a focus on the interactions between the child and parent. Pirtle encourages parents to look at their children as unique individuals who are here “not to impress anyone, anything, life itself, or you-but to be BE themselves and only to BE themselves.” However, she encourages parents to enjoy their own lives as well, because happiness is infectious.

Pirtle’s beautiful perspective on parenting is a delightful read. Her expertise as a holistic practitioner and healing arts teacher shines. She will leave you wanting to be the best version of yourself and provides simple steps to make changes into your parenting style. You will come away from it refreshed and energized. It is inspiring and will help you embrace the beauty in the every day.


One kindness towards yourself shifts the whole world to kindness—that IS how much power you have! 🙏🏻 💪❤️