Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops

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An important first step for a parent is to relax and know that you really are wonderful just by being here and by being present— ready for your new life as a parent or ready to shift into a new way as a parent. You ARE magnificent! Those moments where you sit with your kids and play pretend games, read them bedtime stories and watch kids youtube videos will be memories worth making. You’ll remember these forever, even when you’re kids are adults!

I invite you to say, think, and feel the following words often:

“I AM a phenomenally powerful parent with deep inner guidance and an infinite capability to love!”

Really breathe into these words, and feel your shift to being and living in a frequency of peacefulness, openness, pure-ness, right-ness, and good-ness—your heart space and your soul being.

Acknowledge that you are NOT here to impress anyone, anything, or life itself––especially not your children. You are here to simply BE; nothing else. Feel the release of all resistance and the pressure-free space that you create for yourself by acknowledging this.

So what does to BE or not to BE really mean?

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