LadyChicPea on Happiness

You got to read what LadyChicPea has to say about 365 Days of Happiness! I AM floored and happy as can BE! 

I loooove my work of sharing well-being, happiness, and an incredible experience of living and being this marvelous physical life… And it never gets old to hear all the different reactions as to what my book 365 Days of Happiness inspires for my lovely readers––I am grateful to all of you!

…THINK OF WATER AND HOW IT MOVES AROUND THE ROCKS…. It always finds a way to flow around, above, and even underneath them. Water flows wherever it wants to flow, and does not stop or get held up by the rocks. It keeps its focus on its purpose … To stay true to your flow, don’t make the rocks in your life the most important happenings. Instead, keep your focus on your purpose to flow, and with that, find other ways around them to be and live your truth. ––This is how Jacqueline Pirtle encourages us to keep focus, in her book, 365 Days of Happiness…

…One of the author’s core beliefs is that happiness manifests itself through a healthy mind, body and experience. She further believes that although happiness is how we are meant to BE, this state is not necessarily passive but something that we can learn. Furthermore, we all have a responsibility to seek to BE happy. Based on the premise that everything is connected, everything is ONE, an investment in our happiness is an investment in the universe. We are a part of that universe. 

…Jacqueline’s whimsical approach to life and happiness is infectious; it will have you smiling at your willingness to ‘do the twist’ or imagine you have ‘inherited a pair of pants’. While these may sound simple and fun, her analogies are pertinent reminders of actions we can take or thought processes we could change.

…The messages are timeless, and I imagine that when you reach the end of the book, you simply go back to the beginning again? 

…In such a situation, Jacqueline advises us to ‘race back home’. Although the advantages of remaining true to ourselves is hardly breaking news, this captivating image of tending, improving and adding to your own garden is an enchanting one. 

…I would recommend placing 365 Days of Happiness by your bed so that it may greet you with its happy cupcake on the cover. Upon opening it, allow its gentle guidance to inspire and embrace you every morning with its happiness for the day. As Jacqueline states at the end of each day’s guidance, ––‘That IS happiness!’

…Alternatively, you may feel guided by intuition, or a slightly rebellious streak, and open the book at a random page. If so, go ahead and absorb whatever message speaks to you on that particular day? Ideally, in the spirit of giving and sharing, position it strategically on the breakfast table. Other family members may ingest its daily dose of positivity with their morning coffee, smoothie or maybe … a cupcake? 

Read her full review on her blog… you will be happy you did!

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