OkayNowBreathe Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness!

…Let me just start off by saying if you’re a negative, pessimistic person, you’re probably going to roll your eyes a lot in the beginning. I was at a low point when I started to read it, and I caught myself thinking, “You gotta be kidding me. Happiness is a piece of cake? Try telling that to people who suffer.”

…However, if you push through the first week’s worth of pages, your energy will shift and you’ll really start to see the benefits of practicing daily positivity. Your mood will become more stabilized, and when you start to shift into a negative headspace, you’ll be able to recognize it and steer yourself back to gratitude. Positivity is almost like a muscle, where it needs to be practiced consistently!

…What I love most about the book is Jacqueline Pirtle recognizes that all human emotions (including sadness, jealousy, anger, etc) are vital to our wellbeing.

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