LoveFromLisaBlog Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness!

…For me, this book highlighted that being happy everyday is not impossible, as you can always find ways to shift yourself from being unhappy, to happy.

…In this book Jacqueline Pirtle looks at happiness as having an affect on your whole being (body, mind, soul, and consciousness). It also details how your happiness has a ripple effect on how others behave, which are both ways that I’d never associated happiness with before.

…The book details that happiness is something that you have to choose, and it provides ways to do this every day.

…There were a lot of ways to practice happiness that really stood out to me in this book. One that I really loved was day 38, which was a reminder not to dwell on rejections, and instead see them as moments that weren’t meant to be, and that you will succeed when the time’s right.

…Another one was day 177, where the use of a remote control is used to change the course of your day into something that makes you look at things differently.

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