She Is A Genius – FREE Online Event

I will be speaking at the She Is A Genius Summit––an online event that will teach you everything you need to know to fully step into who you are and live life on YOUR terms.

The event is coming up FAST!
It is virtual and 100% FREE. 

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In this event you’ll learn how to…

  • Make peace within you.
  • Embrace who you truly are.
  • Dive into self-care, self-love, and how to follow your passion.
  • Develop a powerful routine to cultivate happiness every day of your life.
  • Recognize and conquer the mental blocks many of us experience (doubt, self-sabotage, fear, procrastination).
  • And so much more!

This event is going to have 12 in-depth interviews featuring highly successful and transformational women from all around the world (including yours truly). These are women who all decided to throw the rule book out the window and design a life they love.

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I hope to see you there!

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Meditation Made Easy!

365 Days of Happiness..

…IS a tool for meditation


@boomini on twitter wrote:


I used this suggestion from @FreakyHealer as inspiration for the meditation I practised with my students this morning. Love the analogy between the garden and the mind. Such a powerful visualisation.


Go check her out:


One Garden At A Time!

Happy-tizing Monday!


Perfect for spring!


Being in your garden. What does that really mean?


And why “one garden at a time” IS so powerful.

Do Five Things A Day Reviewing 365 Days of Happiness!

… Her daily prompts get your mind in a great positive frame for the day that awaits!

… Adding 365 Days of Happiness to my routine has helped bring more light into that journey. Jacqueline keeps it light-hearted and uber positive so that I can start my day filled with a feeling of sunshine in my heart. It has added a wonderful balance to my personal development journey.

Check out her full review!