Love And Literature Reviewed 365 Days Of Happiness!

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…The book provides 365 daily entries designed to be read over a year, each providing either a task, a new perspective, mindful thoughts and/or inspiration for the day. Whether that’s to say ‘Yes’ to new opportunities, journaling or to declutter (both your home and your mind) – each day brings a new nugget of gold to inspire and motivate you to think positively and enjoy the day ahead.

…Even as I read the words, I smiled. I’m rating this book a 4 out of 5 stars as it’s an incredible read that really does encourage happiness and gratitude in the every day.

Your Superpower Of Goodness!

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365 Days of Happiness – Day 172 🧚🏻‍♀️

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Swaggraber Mother’s Day Gift Book List!

Looking for THE best books for your Mom?

Thanks Swaggraber for including 365 Days of Happiness in your wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Book List ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks SwagGrabber for including 365 Days of Happiness in your wonderful Mother’s Day Gift Book List ❤️❤️❤️

The APP Is Live! 💃💃💃

You now have a full happiness support system! ❤️

APP: read 365 Days of Happiness on the app—keeping you focused on your happiness every single day! Available in Apple Apps and Android Apps!

PAPERBACK: fortify your happiness by reading a wildly chosen page in 365 Days of Happiness paperback (or kindle) whenever you need a “pull me out of my hole” inspiration. Available on amazon!

SELF-STUDY PROGRAM: supplement the app and book with the 365 Self-Study program that is about to go live!!! Soon available at

You get a whole system to support you to BE and live your happiness! You ARE sooo set!

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To Fear Or Not To Fear!

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To fear or not to fear?

… Everyone knows fear, and most likely, you go way back together. It is a normal part in everyone’s life—just like happiness, sadness, anger, and joy are. But have you ever considered a fear meditation, or how fear can be useful?

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To Fear Or Not To Fear // Dealing With Fear Meditation