Nutrition Experts Podcast – Exploring Happiness with Food with Jacqueline Pirtle

This podcast episode makes me especially happy because I am a Foodie by heart 🙂 Enjoy!

You’re listening to the Nutrition Experts Podcast. Featuring guests who take the scientific talk about food and break it down for practical use. You’ve heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” Come find out what that really means. Experience conversations with experts in the field of nutrition and understand the power of food for our health, wellbeing and beyond. Now here’s your host Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Mathea Ford.

Hi there! It’s Mathea. Welcome back to Nutrition Experts Podcasts. The podcast featuring nutrition experts who are leading the way using food starts today right now with our next guest. It’s great to have Jacqueline Pirtle on the show today. Jacqueline welcomes to Nutrition Experts. I’m excited to have you on this show and share your expertise with my tribe.

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