365 Days of Happiness – December 28, 2017

You are a natural in sharing!

Because you share your energies with everything and everyone all the time, and over and over. You ARE actually a trained sharer!

So does and is everyone and everything too. Because we are all energy, connected and with that share our energies with everything and everyone at all times.

Sharing goodness shifts you to a deep connectedness in your heart with whom you share, and with what you share.

Sharing goodness also pulls you, what you share and whom you share with, to BE and live in the “high for life” frequency of the heart.

And since you share your energy all the time, if you are conscious about that fact, you can actually BE and live in your “high for life” frequency of you heart all the time. Given that what you share is of “high for life” nature.

So what goodness could you consciously share today?

A smile, a hug, a compliment, kindness, compassion, appreciation, respect, gratitude, laughter and happiness, your time, your thoughts and feelings, your heart and love, your listening ear and wise words, your lunch, a treat, a story or joke, your success and knowledge, clothing, a blanket, your home and car, money, or help in any way?

The fabulous news with sharing goodness is that it is OK to overshare!

That IS happiness!

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