365 Days of Happiness – December 19, 2017

Words are energy!

Read the following, hear yourself saying it and feel the difference:

This is heavenly coffee.
This is coffee.

This is an energizing bed.
This is a bed.

This is a magical sidewalk.
This is a sidewalk.

This is a fabulous car.
This is a car.

This is my beautiful coworker.
This is a coworker.

This is my magnificent work.
This is my work.

This is pure and healing water.
This is water.

Uplifting adjectives shift you to BE and live in a “high for life” uplifting frequency, as you say or think them. And they uplift whatever or whomever you are putting them in front of.

And as this uplifting team together, you will uplift everything and everyone around you, because everything is energy, connected and energies are shared.

So use uplifting adjectives often in your new day, because they can change everything!

This IS happiness!

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