365 Days of Happiness – December 13, 2017

Imagine you opening your hand, palm facing up and forming a cup. You invite your light into your hand. Your light can be big, small, wide, thin, green, white. Whatever image of your light you see, is the perfect one for you. You say welcome and hello to your light. You look at it, hear, smell, taste, think and feel your light. You take your time to get to know your light. And you know that you can ask your light any questions you have.

Now imagine your light getting stronger and brighter. Feel it getting bigger and taller. Let it change color, let it play, dance and move freely. Let your imagination flow as it comes, and let your light show you how it is happiest.

When you are ready, take your hand with your light in it to your heart. Visualize your light entering your body through your open heart. Feel your beaming light fill your body, cell by cell, down to your feet and up into your head. Feel every inch of you becoming your luminous light. Shift to BE and live the beaming light you really are!

That is infinite power, because the most powerful “high for life” reaction to any non fitting happening, is to focus on shining your light even brighter and stronger. That makes the non fitting unimportant and smaller. And many times, the non fitting will resolve itself that way.

This works like magic, because your infinite bright light is more powerful than anything non fitting that is happening for you right now.

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