365 Days of Happiness – December 11, 2017

Imagine you are meeting your NOW for a cup of tea and chit-chat. Both of you are excited to catch up.

You ask your NOW “How is it going?” And your NOW says “It is going well.” Your NOW ask you, “How are you?” You say “It could be better, my PAST keeps me busy with stuff that is too old for me and my FUTURE keeps me busy with stuff that is too new right now.” Your NOW says, “ Well, come live with me, I AM always right HERE, which means I will keep you busy with stuff that is right NOW.”

Go live with your NOW, and observe yourself in your NOW! Because if you are thinking about what was, you are closed off to your now. And if you are thinking about what will be, you are too occupied to be in your now. And in your NOW is the only time where you can make healthy changes for you.

So ask yourself, how do you feel in your NOW? How do you react in your NOW? Through what beliefs are you experiencing your NOW? Are you in your “high for life” energy right now? And then make fitting changes in your now.

For example:

Shift your thoughts from “I am not beautiful and enough,” to “I am beautiful and enough.” From “I hate this, to I love this.”

Shift your feelings and reactions from sadness to gratitude and from anger to peace.

Shift yourself from not feeling good, to BE and live in your “high for life” frequency with focusing on all spectacular in your awareness.

Your NOW represents new opportunities for you to enjoy new amazing experiences, and with that, create your next now.

That IS happiness!

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