365 Days of Happiness – December 7, 2017

Imagine you are running or speed walking in nature. You are all energized and happy to be moving so fast and energetic. But then you see a colorful bird. Decisions decisions… Because if you keep running or speed walking, you won’t be able to watch the bird, but you get to your finish line fast and on time. And if you slow down for a bit, you get to watch this colorful bird, but you will get to your finish line slower and not on time.

One will make sure the focus is on the goal, but does not really nourish your being on the way with happenings that ARE for you to experience. That means you are not fully open to receive spontaneously. And with that you are not creating as vividly as you could.

The other delays the goal, nourishes your being on the way and is fully open to receive spontaneous opportunities and happenings to create new experiences vividly.

Now you might say, I can’t really always slow down or delay all my goals. And that is a fair thought.

But even if you can only slow down and delay your goal for one minute per hour while you are awake, that means you slowed down about 16 minutes in your new day. And in 16 minutes you can easily watch that colorful bird flying spontaneously into your awareness to co-create magic with you.

Slowing down means you create and experience unplanned magic!

That IS happiness!

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