365 Days of Happiness – December 1, 2017

Imagine you are waking up in your new day. First thing you feel is a cold draft of wind in your face, coming through your window. Then while getting ready in the bathroom, you hear a bird chirp in your back yard. And when you leave your house, the sun blasts you in your face. On your way to work, you see trees. Later that day, the rain gets you wet. And on your way home the smell of a bakery hits your nose. Finally back home, you go drink a glass of water.

Everything single one of those happenings, IS here for YOU!

The cold draft, it is coming to you, and it is here for you to feel.
The bird, it is singing for you, and it is here for you to hear.
The sun, it is shining for you, and it is here for you to experience.
The trees, they are showing up for you, they are here for you to see.
The rain, it is raining for you, and it is here for you to experience.
The bakery, it is fragrancing the air for you, it is here for you to smell.
And the water, it is here for you to hydrate and taste.

Everything you notice, is always here for you, to think about and experience.

Even the subway that screeches in your ear, the angry person on your way to work and the dust bunny under your couch.

They are all here for you, in the same way your birthday cake shows up and is here for you to celebrate you.

So why even consider getting anything but grateful and excited about anything that is showing up for you?

And why choose anything but shifting to your “high for life” frequency with anything that is there for you to experience?

Why not choose to react to all that IS there for you, like it is your birthday cake?

Which is to receive openly and ready, and with a smile and excitement. And saying “Thank you, for showing up and being for here me!”


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