365 Days of Happiness – November 25, 2017

Imagine you are on a safari. See, hear, taste, smell, feel and think of all the magic in that nature with all these magnificent wild animals. Breathtaking!


You look to your left and see a lion. Then you look to your right and see a gazelle. You consciously acknowledge both of these animals, with their very different energies, and are in awe of their majestic and amazing beauty.

Both animals are inviting you to walk close up to them, sit down and spend time with them.

Now what? Which one will you join?

You start thinking, asking and feeling what it would mean for you to join the lion or the gazelle.

  • Which one feels safer to me than the other?
  • Which one is more fitting for me than the other?
  • Which one will make me feel better than the other?

In this imagination you go all into detail about how you feel, think, hear, taste, smell and see this situation. So you can make the right choice for you, and be sure about it.

You have that option and power for any scenario in your life!

Because you always have your inner intelligence, guidance and knowing, to really go into detail about anything that is happening for you. You can ask yourself questions and you can feel, think, see, taste, smell and hear what is good for you. So you can make the right and fitting choice for you, and be sure about it.

Make it a priority to check in with yourself, so you can make it feel good for you!

So, who will you join, the lion or the gazelle?

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