365 Days of Happiness – November 24, 2017

Think of a radar speed sign that is blinking like crazy because you are driving to fast. This sign is used as a traffic calming device to slow you and everyone down.

When you see this radar speed sign blinking, you check your speed and slow down. You become more aware of everything, your speed, yourself and all that is there, in your awareness. It shifts you towards you, and into your now.

Overwhelment is your own personal radar speed sign. It is a life calming devise to slow you down, shift you towards you and into your now.

When you feel overwhelmed you need to check your speed of living and slow down. You need to become more conscious of everything, your speed, yourself and what is in your awareness. You need to shift towards you and into your now.

Overwhelment is also an invitation to look at what you are working on and how you are spending your time. Are you working on something that is very strong non-fitting? If yes, how can you change it to fitting, or how can you change what you are working on? Are you spending your time creating “high for life” feelings for you?  If not, how can you start creating them?

And, overwhelment can be an indicator that you are to involved in feeling, living and experiencing happenings that are not yours. You feel overwhelmed because these happenings are not fitting for you and you are not in control of them. Someone else is, because they are theirs to feel, live and experience them strong and fast. And all these someones, have their own overwhelment radar speed sign. Just like you.

Your involvement can be to help, support, show compassion and understanding. But then, it is time to honorably let these happenings go by you, like cars on the freeway.

Overwhelment is a fantastic barometer for you.

And if you are open, it shifts you to BE and live in your “high for life” frequency of your now.

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