365 Days of Happiness – November 11, 2017

The gift of a visitor!

Think of a loved calling you, saying “Hey, I have a few days off and I am deciding where to spend these free days. You are on the list, but before I make my decision as to where, I need to know if it is beautiful where you live? What do you love about your place, and why would it be an amazing place for me to come visit? Besides you being there.”

You immediately jump on convincing that loved to come visit you. You tell her/him about your beautiful home, all the breathtaking places you have, all the good food there is, and all the fun adventures and outings that are available. You rave about it all!

With you raving about where and how you live, and convincing your loved one to come visit, you re-feel all that amazing goodness that IS already there for you, every single day. But because you see, hear, taste, smell, think and feel it every day, it became your every day normal, and your conscious feeling of it is way toned down.

But you just re-freshed it all. It became alive and vivid again for you!

So, pretend you need to convince your loved one to come visit you. Pause and think for a minute about how you really feel about where and how you live? What beauty IS already right there for you? What do you love about it all? How happy does living there, and that way, make you feel? What outings do you love or could you go on? What adventures could you re-do, or go to newly?

Really indulge in these thoughts, visualizations and feelings. Re-fresh them all on a daily base. Be vivid and alive about them.

And enjoy the shift to consciously see, hear, smell, taste, think, feel and love where you live and how you live, again and again.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a vivid one!

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