365 Days of Happiness – November 10, 2017

Imagine you are at a market to buy fresh produce. First you pause for a moment and take in this beautiful sight of all this delicious food. That shifts you into total excitement, because you get to go and choose the most perfect produce, which will make you feel good.

So you start your mission and walk to the first stand. You pause and look at all the produce that stand is offering. Some of it looks and feels super fresh, and some looks and feels not that fresh. You pick the produce that looks and feels freshest to you. You pay and move to the next stand, where you pick the freshest and most feel good produce again. You shop like this until the last stand. And at the end, you look at your full bag, filled with the freshest and most feel good produce you could find. You smile, and oh man, you feel so good.

The reason you feel so good, is because you chose what looked and felt good to you, and respectfully declined what did not look and feel good to you.

Life invites you to do exactly that, with all “there IS” in your awareness.

Here is how…

First… Acknowledge everything in your awareness, just like you acknowledged all produce at that market. Because without feeling and looking at everything you can’t choose what makes you feel good.

Then… Accept, respect, appreciate, thank and love all there IS, for being a gift and opportunity for you.

Now… Pick and choose all that is feeling good for you. Fill your “bag of life” with it, take it home and indulge in it.

And… Respectfully decline all that is not feeling good for you. Leave that behind and outside of your “bag of life.”

And at the end, look at your full bag of life, filled with the most “feel good” there IS.

Smile, and enjoy this feeling of “Oh man, I just feel so good.”



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