365 Days of Happiness – November 8, 2017

You need your own cloud!

So you can ask all your questions, and hear all pure answers for you.

Imagine this…

You look up at all the clouds in the sky. You pick the one that you love most. Once you chose your cloud, you fly up high, right up to it. You are now standing in front of your beautiful cloud. You see that there is a door. You open that door and slip into a huge empty space in your cloud. You close the door. You are all alone, and there is no noise, no view, no smell, no taste, no thoughts and no feelings present. It is completely “sound-view-smell-taste-thought and feeling-proof” in there. You sit down and breathe. Welcome in your nothing space!

In that nothing space is where you can ask any questions you have about you. And that is also where you can hear all pure and fitting answers for you loud and clear. In that nothing space is where your own clarity IS.

Because looking for answers outside of you, will not get you pure and fitting information for you. All answers from outside come loaded with other people’s energies of feelings, opinions, judgments, old recordings and more. Which makes them not pure for you.

But looking for answers when you are in your pure and neutral cloud space, is where you get all the goodies of answers that make your experience a “high for life” one.

So go, BE in your cloud often!


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