365 Days of Happiness – November 4, 2017

Fairy tales, miracles and magic!

On 3 days of my week, my route takes me by a house that looks like the castle of Beauty and the Beast. A fairy-tale place, magical beyond words.

I like to think that the people that built that house must believe in fairy tales, miracles and magic. That they built it to represent their beliefs and way of living, and generously want to share that with everyone around them. I love visualizing them spending time in there, feeling all magical. And I love visualizing all animals living close by feeling all magical. These thoughts always make me happy.

Now, since everything is energy, this house naturally comes with the energy of fairy tales, miracles and magic. Which means it vibrates in a frequency of fairy tales, miracles and magic. And since everything is connected, whoever lives there or close by, and whoever notices it, can choose to shift to that same frequency.

So every time I see it, I feel this potent feeling of fairy tales, miracles and magic filling me. And I feel myself shifting to that “high for life” frequency of that magical house. This all happens in a tiny split second while I drive by that house, because I am aware of it and I choose to shift.

And then, with a smile, I continue on my fairy-tale day. Filled with miracles and magic, because I AM now breathing and living that frequency. And in that frequency, only “fairy-tale-magic-miracle” ways of seeing, thinking, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling exist. So no matter what IS happening for me that day, I receive it all through a blanket of fairy tales, miracles and magic.

Cool, right?!

So go find your “fairy-tale-miracle-magic” shift initiator. Be aware of it and choose to shift. And then enjoy your fairy tale, miracle and magic day!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! BE it in a fairy tale!

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