365 Days of Happiness – November 2, 2017

BE tall and stick your neck high!

Close your eyes and imagine this:

Picture a giraffe! Look at this tallest animal of the world. Look at its total height, and see his long, high neck. Admire it and be in awe looking at it. When you are ready, visualize yourself slipping into that giraffe and BE that giraffe. Feel how it is to be this tall and long-necked animal. Then through the giraffe’s eyes, look around you in that high altitude space. Wow! Really feel how it is to be high up there, as this giraffe. Stay in this high space for as long as you like, and consciously feel whatever feelings come up for you. When ready, open your eyes. Breathe and feel your shift!

How do you feel?

You just experienced the energy and frequency of a giraffe! Which means you shifted your energy to vibrate in the frequency of that giraffe. And that is a “high for life” frequency of tallness, longness, aloneness, pureness, openness, clean-ness, clearness, creativeness, connectedness and pureness. Just to name a few…

Now, everyone is different and there will be different feelings for everyone experiencing this. And that is wonderful!

Here are just a few feelings that people report back to me:

  • The air and energy is clear, clean and open, high up there.
  • It is beautiful to be able to overlook everything.
  • There is lots of pure energetic nourishment to feast on. The view, the thoughts, the feelings up there are special.
  • It is only you and the sky up there! A wonderful space to be in.
  • Creative thoughts come easy while being up there.
  • You connect with yourself in a more potent way up there.
  • You feel your spirit, source, light, divine crystal clear, up there.

If you enjoy feeling like a giraffe, pretend to BE a giraffe often with practicing this visualization. And then celebrate your shift to this “high for life” frequency.

It’s fun to BE a giraffe!

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