365 Days of Happiness – October 30, 2017

October 30, 2017 Do it for YOU!

Whatever you are doing right now, are about to do, or plan on doing soon, consciously do it for YOU.

Because, if you “do it for YOU”, all your doings become of positive nature for you. You do them to enrich yourself and your experience of life. You also are in charge that way. You run the show for YOU!


Some doings will be easy, like eating some delicious chocolate. You can easily think, see, hear, taste, smell and feel that you are enjoying this treat for YOU. You got this one!


Some doings, for instance sitting in a long line for a safety-emission test on your car, will need some conscious commitment to think, see, hear, taste, smell and feel that you are doing this for YOU. In those cases, acknowledge the part of the doing that IS for you, and focus on that. For example, at the emission test, if you focus on waiting in this long line, that can’t feel much like you are doing this for YOU. But if you focus on the safety of your car getting checked, you can easily feel it IS for YOU.

Always look for the “doing this for ME” thoughts and feelings. Focus on them and then go do it for YOU!

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