365 Days of Happiness – October 25, 2017

Don’t get distracted!

We all have valuable plans, lists and timelines for our new day. We focus on these goals to stay organized and on track. Right?

But what if that is the wrong focus? Because lets be honest, most of the time these plans, lists and timelines are not the way the day unfolds. Which in that case, sets us up for “not feeling good.”


Keep your valuable lists, plans and timelines. They are great! See them as possible and hopeful intentions and creations of your next.

But then turn around and set your only goal and focus on “To BE happy and to own, live and feel my happiness fully and completely.”

Important, don’t get distracted from that one and only goal and focus!

This guarantees that you “feel good,” no matter of expected or unexpected happenings. Because your happiness is your inside job. It depends solely on your choice to BE happy, and to not leave your happiness for anything.

And then through that goal-focused state of your happiness, you will handle everything planned, expected and unexpected in the best way for you. Which is your happy way. And I promise you that you will succeed every single time that way.



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