365 Days of Happiness – October 24, 2017

BE gigantically open!

Think about the bowhead whale, which has the biggest mouth in the world. He opens it fully and completely to fill it to the brim, with water that has all sorts of things in it. He then skims through all that water as it flows through his gigantic mouth, looking and tasting for his nourishment, the plankton. Yum! And on he goes, again and again, opening his “biggest mouth of the world” wide and huge, to catch the most of what he likes.

That is how huge I want you to be open for anything that IS happening for you! Because just like that ocean water with all sorts of things in it, life has all sorts of ingredients (experiences) in it too. Some are nourishing you towards your happiness, and some are not. And just like that whale, in order to catch as much of what you like, you have to be gigantically open to receive.

So, BE open to catch all life that IS for you. Then skim through it and nourish yourself on what looks, feels, tastes, smells and sounds good for you. The rest, let it wash through you and out of you, without attempting to digest it. And on you go, just like that whale, opening gigantically again and again, to catch and skim for your nourishment that makes you feel happy and “high for life!”


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