365 Days of Happiness – October 18, 2017

Take every moment you can to look up into the sky!

And every time, look up consciously, like you see it for the first time. Because you do! The sky is an every changing scenery, so what you are looking at right now, you do see it for the first time.

And with every new sky scenery, there is a new experience for you to receive, and a new energy and feeling for you to feel.

So ask yourself every time you look up, “How do I feel looking at this sky?” Don’t think hard about it. Take the first feeling that comes to you, and feel your feeling freely. Accept, respect, appreciate, thank and love this feeling. Because this is YOU!

This lets you re-awaken feelings in you. And with feeling them, you will either clean them out in a healing way, or you will fill yourself up with “high for life” feelings in a big way.

Then, move on in your new day and look up again as soon as you can. So you can feel more…

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