365 Days of Happiness – October 16, 2017

First, light a candle!

Right after waking up to your new day, when you are still fresh and clean with your thoughts and energy, go light a candle.

Light the candle consciously and in a ceremonial way. Look at its light and feel it! Breathe, and fold your hands in front of your heart in a prayer position.

Now say your personal mantra for your new day. Speak freely from your heart. There are no limits, and your daily mantra can be different every day. The only rule is to keep it positive and make it feel good for you.

The following mantra is meant as an inspiration for you:

Good new day my spirit, and all spirits. I love myself, and I love all others. Thank you for this new day, I am excited for it. I am well. I am happy. I am grateful. I am fully of love and light. I intend to give my best today. I intend to be happy today. I intend to make this the best day yet. I intend to shine my light and do good for me and all others today. Thank you for all that is for me today. I love it already. So be it!

Then get busy in your new magnificent day. Smile!

Notice how your days shift to a normality of amazingness, with this “first, light a candle” practice.

Lighting a candle is a very sacred and beneficial act!

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