365 Days of Happiness – October 12, 2017

Not sure anymore?

Take a time out!

Go inward, breathe and recharge. Remind yourself of the reasons you decided to do what you are doing, when your decision was all new and fresh. What were your thoughts and feelings back then?

If your original reasons still fit, close your eyes and feel your original thoughts and feelings you had back then. Loose yourself in them! And on you go, doing what you are doing, re-charged and re-filled with all these “high for life” feelings.

If your original reasons do not fit anymore, ask yourself, “Can I change these reasons to new and better fitting reasons?” If yes, keep doing what you are doing, just adjust your reasons.

Still not sure?

Then ask yourself, “Is what I am doing still fitting?” If not, a shift to a new and better fitting “doing” is in order. How wonderful!

I assure you, that it is a beautiful thing when you realize your reasons or what you are doing is not fitting anymore. Because it shows that you are growing and changing with the natural flow of life.

Ever growing and every changing!

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