365 Days of Happiness – October 10, 2017

It does not matter what you do, but it matters how you do it!

Because washing the dishes by hand, cleaning the toilet or getting ready for a gala is all the same.

They are all experiences that are part of this physical life we are gifted to BE in. And no experience has more value than the other.

The value is only created by how you are doing something:

  • What state are you in, when you do something?
  • How do you think and feel about what you are doing?
  • How do you perceive what you are doing?

And since you are in complete charge and have full power to change the state you are in, your thoughts and how you feel and perceive, you are also in charge of the value of every experience you are gifted to live.

Here is a recipe for maximum experience value:

  • Accept everything as IS
  • Respect everything as IS
  • Thank everything for what it IS
  • Love everything as IS
  • add a sprinkle of happiness
  • add a squeeze of joy
  • add a spoon of laughter
  • add a bunch of playfulness
  • add cups and cups of trust
  • and finally, add all your personal favorite flavors of life

Mix it all together and believe…

And then go conquer your new day while being in that “high value” state. I promise you, that every experience will be of high value. And the outcome of everything will take “high value” turns you could not even have imagined.


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