365 Days of Happiness – October 9, 2017

Clean out!

First, create a cleansing frequency with lighting a candle, preparing a delicious detoxing drink, putting on some cleansing sounds and setting your intention consciously to a powerful cleansing time.

Then, start the decluttering and clean-out of your home. Sort everything into two piles, one give away and one trash. Go room by room through everything you have, and lighten your home. Be generous with letting go. Feel this cleansing!

And while cleaning out your home, visualize cleaning out and decluttering your thoughts and feelings the same way. Consciously feel the cleansing of your being with everything you let go off.

Keep your focus on your intention of cleaning and letting go. And keep feeling the clean, light and fresh newness that enters your home and being, with every single thing you let go off.

Happy cleaning, and happy clean sparkling afterwards!

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