365 Days of Happiness – October 3, 2017

Watch out, inspirations are about to get you…

… If you let them!

Start your new day with setting the intention of “I am open to receive all inspirations today!” Say this fantastic intention aloud, then think and feel it often.

Now off you go, make inspiration “noticing-receiving” your possible mission. Because the more inspirations, the more awesomeness there is…

  • BE inspired from your inside out, by all inspirations you receive from your inner source. Those are truly your pure inspirations. Go ahead, follow them!
  • BE inspired from the outside in, by the food and drinks you are gifted to enjoy, by kids, nature, animals and people around you, by colors, words, sounds and smells. BE inspired by all that is in your awareness.

All inspirations spark your desires into life, and with that bring great clarity. Some inspirations are there for you to become clear in how you want it, and some in how you don’t want it. Isn’t that magnificent?!

I am always inspired by all you amazing readers, to write directly from my source and heart. And I make it my everyday possible mission to BE inspired from the outside in, by all that comes my way to gift me with inspiration.

I AM inspired! Always!

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