365 Days of Happiness – September 26, 2017

Be curious!

Being curious automatically opens your heart big and wide. Because curiosity initiates a wanting to learn more about something or someone, and that creates compassion.

Being curious also opens up a direct path to your childlike way of feeling in awe, seeing magic and believing in miracles. Just think of the beautiful phrase “I wonder…..”

Try this:

Breathe and say or think “I wonder…”.

Fill in the blanks if you like, or leave it open.

Now feel this amazing shift that happens, when you play with this phrase. It is a shift to a wide and open heart, wanting to know more, filled with compassion and possibilities for “in awe” moments, decorated with the believe that miracles and magic could be right around the corner.

I invite you to be a curiousness overachiever and say or think “I wonder…” often. And then really flow with this amazing feeling of “wonder” that overcomes you.

I wonder how many miracles you will encounter today, and how much magic you can spread to everything and everyone today.

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