365 Days of Happiness – September 25, 2017

Show up!

Everything is ready to start! Your stage for your new day is ready and prepared for you. All this show needs, is your powerful YOU to show up and commit to play and live your new day as alive, awake and vivid as possible.


  • Really use your eyes to see everything, and feel what you see.
  • Really use your ears to hear everything, and feel what you hear.
  • Really use your taste buds to taste everything, and feel what you taste.
  • Really use your nose to smell everything, and feel what you smell.
  • Really use your skin to touch everything, and feel what you touch.
  • Really use your thoughts to shift into your “high for life” frequency, and feel your thoughts.
  • Really use your heart to produce your love, and feel your love.
  • Really use your inner voice to guide you, and feel your guidance.
  • Really use positive words to lift everything and feel your words.
  • Really, really, really put your whole YOU into your new day, and feel yourself!

Wow! So alive and vivid!

“Glad you showed up!” your new day said with a smile. Let’s do this again tomorrow πŸ™‚

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