365 Days of Happiness – September 23, 2017

You light up the world!

….With your unique and bright light.

That makes you officially a shiner! How cool is that?!

Here are some instructions to keep your unique light healthy and shining:

  • Accept. Respect. Thank. And love it all.
  • Breathe consciously while feeling blessed.
  • Meditate in your unique “feel good” way. Stillness or playing in nature.
  • Move your physical body while feeling “fun”.
  • Eat clean food while feeling happy.
  • Smile. Laugh.
  • Look out for people that light up the world around you and join them shining.
  • Play with children. They are pure shining lights, lighting up the world.
  • Be with animals and in nature. They shine super bright, just think fireflies.
  • Notice all shiny-ness around you. Imagine shining brightly together as a team.
  • Light candles, turn on salt lamps. Shine together with them, bright and brighter.

Be a determined super hero “shiner” of your unique bright light!

Why? Because that is your natural state. I call it happiness!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Go shine!


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