365 Days of Happiness – September 20, 2017

BE lightness!

Being lighthearted, thinking light-minded and feeling light-weighted keeps your energy vibrating in a frequency of lightness. And in that frequency is where you can feel love for all there IS, no matter what is happening right now for you.

So, consciously feel, see, hear, smell, taste, speak and think “lightness” about everything.

Say or think often, “I am lightness, and everything there IS, is lightness.” Feel this shift to your lightness!

Laugh, play and goof off. Doing so is a guaranteed shift to BE and stay lightness.

Put on clothing that feel light, shoes that make you feel light, eat food that is light and do physical activities that make you feel light.

And focus on all light things in your awareness. Because noticing and feeling all lightness around you, shifts you to your lightness. Watch for feathers, light fabrics, fluffs, cotton balls, cotton candy… And go find all these “light” dust bunnies in your home, they are your best “lightness shifter” ever.

BE lightness and your life IS lightness!


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