365 Days of Happiness – September 18, 2017

Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating. Everything is connected.

We and everything there is, are all vibrating energy. And together, we all live in this beautiful ocean of vibrating energy, our universe.

You and me, no matter where you are, we are both vibrating energy, and we are both connected.

Every thought, emotion, action and word we create, are all vibrating energy. And since nothing is ever separate, and everything is always connected, the effect is always towards the whole universe.

Which means that rock and tree, train and car, biting insect, butterfly, raindrop, feather, boring book, beautiful song, tough situation, mean people and loving animals you encounter, are all vibrating energy, living in this beautiful ocean of vibrating energy. Just like you.

Try to see, hear, taste, smell, feel and think of everything as the same vibrating energy as yourself. Try to realize that “same-ness” and deep connection of yourself and everything!

And see what happens.

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