365 Days of Happiness – September 15, 2017

Let’s be…

  • Obnoxiously happy!
  • Obnoxiously positive!
  • Obnoxiously smily!
  • Obnoxiously self-loving!
  • Obnoxiously perky!
  • Obnoxiously nice!
  • Obnoxiously magical!
  • Obnoxiously… Fill in the blank with your “high for life” word!

You know why?

Because that is how I rewrote my old, dusty and non fitting recording and believe, I was running on.

The situation was, I had a commitment to go to. But every cell in me strongly did not agree with wanting to go. We all know how that feels. Of course, the not-agreeing were my old recordings and believes I was running on. So I decided that I might as well be obnoxiously happy while tackling this situation. And guess what, it worked. I had a blast, everyone with me had a blast, and time flew obnoxiously fast! Most of all, I felt great afterwards, filled with obnoxious happiness, and new happy recordings overriding my old, dusty and non fitting ones.

Freedom and happiness created!

So join me and let’s obnoxiously enjoy our new day today!

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