365 Days of Happiness – September 14, 2017

Everything is ONE!

I want to give you an example that makes this very clear…

Picture me sitting on my ever so magically comfy sofa, writing my daily “365 Days of Happiness” blog on my phone, with my helper kitty Leo on my lap. What a wonderful sight, right?

With the only exception that I am frantically and forcefully using my fingers to scroll down all the way to the bottom of my ever so long note of all “365 Days of Happiness” blogs. Which makes my whole body shake from side to side.

Now that is nothing out of the ordinary for me, since I am the one swiping and determined to get to the bottom so I can write. But for my helper kitty Leo on my lap it means that he is shaken from side to side as well, while he is trying to meditate us both into a magical consciousness.

This is very disruptive for him, which means it impacts me as well, because he can’t help me if I am moving like that. And he clearly does not like it, which adds disliking energy to our time being together. Not a very “high for life” frequency at all.

The reason why my way of swiping impacts him, and his “not liking it” impacts me, is because naturally we are all connected. But there is more… The moment he jumped up on my lap, we also became “one” with our energies, bodies and minds.

Noticing this, my swiping got real gentle and loving. I stopped shaking, which enabled him to be still and happy. That meant he could do what he is so good at doing, and I got to enjoy his help. All was “high for life” again.

So, stay true to yourself and do all your “feel good” doing, but be mindful of how you do it, and how everything and everyone else is impacted through your doing.

We are all connected and we are all one!

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