365 Days of Happiness – September 13, 2017

All those little messages and signs!

Yesterday I got reminded again to really hear, see, smell, taste, think and feel all these little messages that are given in every moment. Messages and signs, that when consciously noticed are exactly what is needed to feel good and better.

So here it goes…

I am at the UPS store dropping off a package. All business is done. So I ask “Am I good?” And the answer I got was “You are always good!” Everything in me stopped and every cell of mine filled up with that powerful message. Then I replied “Yes, I am always good. And so are you! You are always super! Thank you!” Smiles and gratitude were exchanged. I left UPS a package lighter, and super charged with the powerful energy of knowing that “I am always good”. How cool is that!

I am urging you to pay attention and notice all these little messages and signs that are there for you in every moment, to make your new day one of a kind, to shift you to a better place and to heal your bright light to happiness.

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