365 Days of Happiness – September 12, 2017

Make space for your truth!

First step: Love it all! Think of everything that is in your awareness, especially what or who is giving you unease, and think or say “I love you!” Love the ground, the walls, the air, all people and all issues. Feel your immense love for all, without getting into what or who is right or wrong. If this is hard, keep practicing and fake it until you make it. It will get easier. Doing so lets go of all resistance in you, and activates the biggest power you possess, which is your love. Think of it as acknowledging the unfitting, and then painting over it with your powerful love. Paint job well done!

Next: Through that resistance free space of loving all, in your imagination, move everyone that stands in your way of experiencing a spectacular time out of your way, and clear them into their own far land. Remember, this only happens in your imagination and mind. Nobody gets hurt and nobody will ever know how you dealt with it. Get this step done without leaving your all-loving space, and without your emotional involvement or focus on them. This is a cleaning out act, not a solving issue exercise.

And finally: Welcome, in your all-loving, resistance free space. Cleaned of everyone non fitting. It is now time to grow and widen your energy and space with believing in yourself. Take some time to rattle down a huge list of all you believe in yourself. And then proudly march forward to your own magnificent rhythm that is so abundant and joyous for you.

Remember, stay joyous and have some fun with this!

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