365 Days of Happiness – September 9, 2017

What do you see?

Yesterday I had a great “walk down the memory lane” with my husband. We talked about our relocation and arrival in Italy a few years back. Our first short-term furnished apartment was overlooking Europe’s biggest open air market. Located in a dangerous part of town, as we were told. Coming from New York City, that made us chuckle.

So then we arrived… And all we could see was the beauty of all these different fresh red tomatoes. All we could hear was the amazing-ness of all these people having a great time yelling about their merchandise. All we could feel was this incredibly alive and busy energy of this gigantic market, right outside of our window. All we could think was “Wow!”

We felt it amazing to wake up at 5 am with the noise of the market being prepared. And we were fascinated by watching the clean up after the market closed early afternoon. By late afternoon everything was finished, until the next morning. The huge market space turned into a huge open space, where people parked their cars, walked, hung out and kids played soccer. Most important though, we never encountered any danger and our wallets never got picked. We had the most amazing experience there.

Then we had visitors. And even though they loved the experience of visiting Italy, all they could see was the trash, the mess, the noise, the chaos, and the danger. You can probably guess that their wallets got stolen and they encountered dangerous moments.

What was our bliss, was their non-bliss. Where we saw beautiful fresh red tomatoes, they saw rotten tomatoes. All in the same place and all in the same time, with both fresh and rotten existing. But depending on our personal perceptions, the experience was completely different.

So, what do you see everywhere?

Fresh tomatoes or rotten tomatoes? Because that determines your experience.

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a fresh red tomato day!

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