365 Days of Happiness – September 6, 2017

Don’t be sorry for someone!

Today’s blog builds on yesterday’s, which was about “shaping up”. Go have a look!     365 Days of Happiness- September 5, 2017

To recap… Every experience, good or not so good, shapes the person experiencing it. Shaping brings everyone closer to themselves and moves someone forward in their journey. That makes every experience a gift and opportunity.

Being sorry for someone experiencing something unpleasant or a hard time, means you are sorry for them to receive the gift of shaping up, shifting closer to their real being, and moving forward in their journey. Sounds crazy, right?!

Being sorry for them also means you create and fill yourself with sorry feelings, which are the opposite of health, happiness, love and abundance. And all filled up, you sprinkle the person you are sorry for and everything else around you with all your sorry feelings of sadness, grief, disbelief, anger, hopelessness and more. Because everything and everyone is connected.

So, don’t be sorry for someone!

Instead, offer uplifting support of your love, understanding, compassion and kindness. Offer your knowing and trust in them, that they are capable of experiencing this shaping gift. Be a good listener without any judging, recommendations or trying to fix it for them. And quietly, without voicing this to them, be excited for them to have the opportunity to shape up and move forward in their journey. And lastly, visualize them how mighty they are with shining their rising bright light of a being.

That will let them freely shape up with their experience, while filling up with your uplifting support. Which means you fill up with this goodness as well. And all filled up, you spread it to everything and everyone around you.



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