365 Days of Happiness – August 28, 2017

BE with yourself!

Make it a regular practice to spend time with yourself. Without any distractions, sit alone in quiet, with nothing to do, nothing to listen to and nothing to look at. Just you with yourself for a couple of minutes.

Consciously ask yourself:

  • How does my body feel?
  • How does my heart feel?
  • How is my mind doing?
  • How is my mood?
  • What are my feelings?
  • What is going on in me?

Feel yourself and let everything sink in. Without judgement, no right or wrong and no good or bad. It all just IS. You accept, respect, thank and love it all as IS.


I promise you that you will never ever feel lonely or bored again if you practice the beauty of “To BE with yourself” often.

Because let’s face it, the best stuff always happens in yourself and with yourself. So why not indulge in yourself consciously, and enjoy the harvest of all that good stuff you have in yourself.

Have fun!

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