365 Days of Happiness – August 25, 2017

Tidy up!

Before you go to sleep, sift through your “what IS” and “what I want”, in order to tidy up and be in magnificent standings with all. Naturally your sleep will be tidy, because that is the frequency you are vibrating in when you fall asleep.

So lets tidy up…

Look at what IS:

  • The not so good… Accept, respect, thank and love it all! This removes all resistance you have towards it, and lets you move on. Feel the peacefulness you shift into. And then move on to the good.
  • The good… Indulge and bathe in it, see, hear, smell, taste, think and feel it all. Imagine filling every cell of yours with it. Feel the gratefulness you shift into. Enjoy this and then move on to what you want.

Look at what you want:

  • See, hear, smell, taste, think and feel what you want, and how you want it. Go all out, visualize, imagine and feel it all without limits. Indulge into this magic and smile. Feel your abundant heart. Now close your eyes and fall asleep. Sweet dreams!

I recommend to practice the “what you want” visualizations first thing when you wake up as well. That sets the tone for your amazing new day. Because it makes sure that you and the whole universe are absolutely clear of what you want and how you want it.

Tidy for the win!

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