365 Days of Happiness – August 24, 2017

Ready, set, go!

Break the universal record of making everyone and everything feel amazing about themselves! You included.

You might be that one “feel good” kick they need to change their lives. How powerful is that?

And with making them feel amazing, you get sprinkled with that “high for life” energy too. Because for one, we are all connected, so everything spreads. And for two, you immediately shift to your happiness when you up-lift someone.

As to the how… Follow your inner guidance to know exactly how you can up-lift someone or something, including yourself. You have all the knowing in you.

So be an up-lifter! Serve, help, compliment, gift, admire, smile at, hug, kiss and be kind to everyone and everything around you. Including yourself.

Make today a “feel spectacular” day for all. And enjoy the ripple effect of happiness!

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