365 Days of Happiness – August 23, 2017

Be that one bird!

I witnessed a powerful reminder situation, where a huge, amazing and majestic tree was completely occupied by hundreds of black birds. The tree seemed happy and proud to host that huge community of birds. And the birds seemed to be having a great time on that tree, and with each other. Hence all the happy loud noise they shared with everyone. A picture of harmony, joy and lots of fun.

Then suddenly, one bird flew off… All by itself. He flew up and down, left and right, and fast and slow. He seemed to absolutely enjoy his playful time in the sky. It was amazing to watch!

Which brings me to the powerful reminder…

This bird was going for his truth! He went and did his own thing, which was the only right thing for him at that moment. He went and made himself happy, with doing what he knew will make him happy. Without minding that all the other hundred birds were still happily hanging out in that tree, producing happy noise.


Be that one bird for you!

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